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          Many businesses aren’t aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimization.  Your business will reach more prospects when your website has fully optimized website pages and new, relevant content every month.  Visitors to your site will be encouraged to visit regularly,  to buy your products and services, and  to become loyal fans.

           Search Engine Optimization will help your website to be recognized by the search engines.  Use of ethically crafted and useful content will  help your website to rank higher with the search engines to draw more traffic to your business on a monthly basis, leading to more visitor interest and sales.   

            Contact me to get your web copy moving in the right direction.  Set up a no cost, no obligation web copy consultation and proposal, or request a Web Copy Consulting Information Kit.    

Web Copy Projects

Web Content

Compelling optimized copy delivers product information to your customers and gets the attention of search engines. Is your keyword research effective and updated? Is your site fully optimized? Or are you losing valuable traffic because the search engines can't find your site? I can help your business to maximize the organic traffic to your website through the power of SEO, increasing sales and interest in your business.

Website Audit

A well-designed and well-written website is a critical component of marketing for all businesses. Is your web copy informative, engaging, and compelling? Have you done thorough keyword research and research on what your competitors are doing? I can provide a site audit that will inform you of the gaps in your website coverage and provide guidance on how to correct this to put a better face on your web presence.

Focused Web Pages

Well-written and persuasive landing pages, sales pages, lead-generation pages, and product pages effectively sell your products and services to your prospects and customers. Optimize all of your pages for SEO and compelling, persuasive content that sells. I can develop web pages for you that will increase your leads and sales.

Website Design

Is starting a website new to your business? Don't know where to start to build an effective web presence? I can work with you to determine the essential areas that you need to present to prospects and customers to build your web presence. When that analysis is completed, I'll create an effective website and get you up and running on the web.

Blog Posts

Blogging is critical to the success of your business. Blog posts deliver your brand message and build your relationship with customers and prospects. A well-written and well-maintained blog can increase traffic to your website by up to 30%. I can help you to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction with effective and engaging blog posts.

White Papers

White papers are powerful marketing tools for lead generation. A well-researched and well-written white paper will help you to build your company's brand image, spread information about your products and services, and share your industry expertise with customers and prospects. Other benefits include building your mailing list of qualified prospects and earning Facebook likes to build social proof. I can help you to provide these valuable reports to your clients and prospects..

Targeted Emails

Effective targeted emails improve your open rates and conversion rates. This can be done in various formats. Whether you need individual emails, autoresponder emails, company e-letters, company e-zines, or sales emails that drive prospects to a landing page, I can help you to improve your results to build your business.

Case Studies

Compelling case studies tell the success stories of your clients while showcasing your products and services. Shorter than white papers, case studies also provide a more personal touch. Clients and prospects can envision the benefits of working with your business by learning about the successes of your clients. I can help you to present this valuable marketing copy to your clients and prospects.

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Free Email Updates
Get the latest content first.
We respect your privacy.